Faize Burhani

Faize Burhani is the hasanat of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb TUS and Shabab has been entrusted by Aqa Maula TUS, to carry out this scheme.

Under this scheme, mumeneen get two benefits. One is bachat and the other is Qarzan Hasana. Mumeneen inculcate the habit of bachat and are able to accumulate some capital and secondly the bachat members are entitled to Qarzan Hasana. Under this scheme, Shabab has a separate sub-committee known as Faize Burhani. All those who wish to take the benefit of this scheme have to become members of Faize Burhani and should have regular savings. Faize Burhani has employed an efficient staff for collection of savings from all the members, either from their residence or from their shops. The office of Faize Burhani is fully equipped with modern technology and all the transactions are computerised and then audited by a professional auditor. The qarz is sanctioned to members on the basis of their savings and their purpose. The issued qarz is to be repaid in six months. For security post dated cheques are taken from the applicant as well as from the guarantors. A special form for Qarzan Hasana is filled by the applicant and submitted to the office. Every friday the committee sits for evaluating the applications and sanctioning the qarz amount. Faize Burhani has about 800 members. Out of this, about 550 members take the benefit of Qarzan Hasana, about Dirhams 27 Million is sanctioned every year to mumeneen. This includes qarz for ziyarat, houses, domestic purposes, marriage etc.

To apply for Qarzan Hasana please visit Faize Burhani Website